100 People who Care Brant County

Three local women are inviting local residents to make a significant contribution to serving the needs of people in Brant County, all from the comfort of their own homes.  The idea of a giving circle — where individuals pool their money and donate to one cause — certainly is not new. But 100 People Who Care Brant County is a new, entirely virtual, variation that allows members to learn about, nominate and vote for local charities, non profit organizations and other groups/individuals through a private Facebook member’s group. This online platform meets the challenges that a pandemic creates for group activities, and offers the appeal of a low time commitment to those with busy lives. As part of the worldwide 100 Who Care Alliance, the group’s plan is to recruit 100 or more local residents willing to make a contribution between $25 and $100 each quarter, or $100 to $400  annually, to causes selected by their membership. Collective giving allows members to increase their knowledge about philanthropy, organizations serving their community, and their neighbours — and therefore results in increased community engagement and deeper social connections. There are an estimated four hundred “100 Who Care” groups throughout the United States and Canada, some comprised entirely of women, men, teenagers, or businesses; others, like our local 100 People Who Care Brant County group, welcome all residents to join. The first group was started by Karen Dunigan in 2006 in Jackson, Michigan when Dunigan networked with friends and acquaintances to raise money for cribs and bedding for new mothers in her community. In the first meeting Dunigan hosted, the group raised $12,800, and her idea was born.   The first 100 People Who Care Brant County “Giving Cycle” will begin with the submission of members’ nominations in early April, and by mid May, the group will select their first quarterly donation recipient, and make a powerful gift to the Brant community. Launched just three weeks ago, 100 People Who Care Brant County has so far signed up over 80 members and is actively recruiting others of all ages, in all walks of life and from both rural and urban areas of Brant County. There is no limit on the number of members, everyone is invited to join. The group’s leadership team includes Susan Ritchie, Shawna Brown Sharp, and Donna Ireland who will handle all planning, preparation and follow-up needed to implement the group’s mission. Susan Ritchie is founder of Adopt a Grandparent, a program which, for the past 7 seasons, has donated Christmas gifts to local seniors. Shawna Brown Sharp, was co-chair for Springtime in Paris for 6 years and involved with the festival for ten.  She has also volunteered with many other Brant County organizations. Donna Ireland assists with the Adopt a Grandparent program and was interim secretary for the Brant County Railway Heritage Museum. They are asking Brant County residents who would like to join in the effort or  learn more to visit https://www.facebook.com/100peoplewhocarebrantcounty or email 100WhoCareBrant@gmail.com “We are each strong in our own right, but we are stronger together” ###            
100 People who Care Brant County

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