By: Emma Johnston My family moved to Burford when I was 6 years old. I grew up on a 3 acre wooded lot, surrounded by tall trees and marshy soil. The wood sided, batten board house where I grew up was forever plagued with the knocking of woodpeckers. No matter […]

A True Farm Girl

By: Emma Johnston The other morning as the clock crept closer to 6:00am I sat at my kitchen table grumpily nursing my first morning coffee. The table beside me was scattered with remnants from last night’s dinner and the floors were still sticky from a spilled Root-beer two days before. […]

I’m Gonna Miss This

By: Emma Johnston “Why do we work?” my dad asked me this the other day as I sat drinking a tea in his dining room and jabbering on about my busy schedule and my never ending to do list. An array of answers came to mind. I work so I […]

Play like a Pirate

There’s a popular television show where one of the main characters accepts challenges that weren’t necessarily proposed. He hears the glimmer of doubt or a shred of competition in the voice of any other character and he readily “Accepts the Challenge.” This is just a funny piece of comedic acting, […]

Challenge Accepted

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