By: Emma Johnston I’ve seen a quote splattered throughout social media and on signs and posters everywhere that says something to the effect of “Love yourself first, then others will love you too” and though I am a very significant advocate for self esteem, recognizing your own worth and not […]

No Matter How you Feel

This past week my children have been pushing my limits. Normally, when they push my limits, this means they’ve worn me down until I’m at the very brink of sanity, but this week they’ve been pushing me a little differently. For the past few weeks I’ve been part of a […]

The Push

By: Emma Johnston When I was seventeen I couldn’t wait to leave Burford. The minute I graduated high school my bags were packed and I was waving good-bye to the village I grew up in. It wasn’t that there was anything particularly wrong with Burford, but to me, there was […]

Living Local Challenge

By: Emma Johnston I’m a super geek and I love to read. I mostly like interesting and exciting books – I love adventure stories and stories of courage and defying the odds, I love dystopian novels, and crime and romance and mystery. Basically, fiction that is full of surprises. A […]

Plot Twist!

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