By: Emma Johnston When I was in my early teens I was given the same advice on multiple occasions “don’t worry too much about your friends, your friends from childhood never stay.” “you’ll meet all your best friends in University.” ”No-one stays in contact with the people they grew up […]

An Ode to Friends

By: Emma Johnston The other day as I was out with my family pottering in my yard I saw a father and daughter team working in theirs. I watched them dig in the gardens together, mulching, weeding, pulling out overgrown bushes and replacing them with fresh more manageable growth. For […]

Happy Father’s Day!

The other day our family was driving home from a few days away when we saw a sign on the highway for one of our favourite cheese producers. My husband pointed it out and our entire van load unanimously agreed to the slight detour. For the next hour we all […]

Dripping with Class

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