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Editorial March 12 2020

I’ve set up a lovely little office in our basement. The office is cozy and well organized, though somewhat inconveniently located beside/in my kids’ TV room. This is the space where, in any normal situation I would send my noisy kiddos to the basement to play video games and scream […]

Editorial – April 2 2020

On Saturday March 21st, local clergy gathered in downtown Burford for a time of prayer for the health and well-being of the community and the world. Recognizing that worship services can no longer take place as they used to, local faith-based leaders are doing what they can to reach out […]

Praying for Strength and Healing

By: Emma Johnston The other night at dinner we were playing a game where ‘if we dug through the centre of the earth where would we end up?’ (we’re working on the title) This game started when we realized that if we dug straight through the earth from Ontario we’d […]

Disappointment Island

By: Emma Johnston The other day my kids and I were driving together as we ran some errands, the music was playing over the radio and we were joyfully singing along. When the song finished my daughter loudly pronounced that she “wanted to be in the radio.” I laughed at […]

In the Radio

By: Emma Johnston The other day while I was putting away our groceries I opened the fridge and was met with a half full bottle of mustard falling out on top of me. I picked up the offending bottle and after glaring at the label for a good minute trying […]

Eleven Mustards

By: Emma Johnston When I was in my early teens I was given the same advice on multiple occasions “don’t worry too much about your friends, your friends from childhood never stay.” “you’ll meet all your best friends in University.” ”No-one stays in contact with the people they grew up […]

An Ode to Friends

By: Emma Johnston The other day as I was out with my family pottering in my yard I saw a father and daughter team working in theirs. I watched them dig in the gardens together, mulching, weeding, pulling out overgrown bushes and replacing them with fresh more manageable growth. For […]

Happy Father’s Day!

The other day our family was driving home from a few days away when we saw a sign on the highway for one of our favourite cheese producers. My husband pointed it out and our entire van load unanimously agreed to the slight detour. For the next hour we all […]

Dripping with Class

Fifteen years ago I moved to Waterloo with my new husband. I was in university at the time and being a newly wed and a young student, I needed to make some money. I got a job at one of the markets in St. Jacobs, working Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday […]

Harvest Table Blues!

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