I picked my daughter up from school the other day and she was literally bouncing with joy. Her long ponytail bobbed as she skipped from one foot to the next, a giant grin on her face. As we began to walk home, she giggled “guess what mommy?” she asked. I […]

Happy Learning

Kate Courtnage grew up in Harley. A farm girl at heart, she has always loved animals, rural living and has a sense of adventure. After high school ,she went out west to explore other parts of Canada and spend time with her sister. Harley eventually called her home, so she […]

Harley’s Hounds: Absolutely “Pawsome!”

By: Jennifer Daniel By: Jennifer DanielIf you are looking for ways to leave money or assets to your loved ones upon your passing, the following strategies offer ways to reduce taxes, bypass probate and provide protection against creditors.The most tax efficient way to pass an inheritance to a loved one […]

Estate Planning Strategies

Once a week I go to ‘Yoga on the Farm,’ this is a Burford based yoga program that offers a significant number of yoga classes to those who enjoy the country/farm life atmosphere. Until the weather changes, it’s held outdoors and the backdrop of these classes feed my rural girl […]

Yoga Kitty

By: Clayton Barker A photo of boy and a dog (which appears to be very comfortable), supposedly taken in a tent at the c1880 Burford Township Agricultural Exhibition. (Photo Clayton Barker’s personal collection). A Brief Bit About Burford’s Annual ExhibitionPART 2: The last exhibition to be held on the King […]

Burford Years Ago

Local woodworker, contractor and home inspector Mark Aniol has turned his love of woodworking into stunning works of art. His beautiful charcuterie boards and custom pieces started as a passion project but became so popular that his ‘hobby’ quickly grew into something much more substantial. Watermark Boards is now a […]

Watermark Boards: Woodworking with Heart

We are excited to offer a Virtual Fair this year at the Burford Fairgrounds. The Burford Agricultural Society and Burford Fair are saddened by the restrictions of COVID and not being able to celebrate your Thanksgiving weekend with you! That said – The Burford Fair is coming to you virtually. […]

Virtual Burford Fair

Submitted by: Mary Leroux To my customers, friends and neighbours on Rural Route 1,2,3 Harley:I am writing this message with bittersweet feelings to announce my retirement as your mail carrier after 35 plus years.I will surely miss all the people on my route, the opportunity to see the changing seasons […]

Letter to Rural Harley

I want local news back. Have you found yourself saying this? I don’t want to hear anymore about the politics of other countries, I’m so bored of COVID and vaccines and the ever-changing rules that are impossible to keep up with. I want my local news! I want to hear […]

I Want My Local News Back!


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