Burford Years Ago

By: Clayton Barker

Burford, August 6th, 1914


Local Regiments Are In Readiness.:
(Brantford Courier Aug 5)
Col. M. F. Muir of the 25th Brant Dragoons announced to-day that the regiment was being recruited up to war strength, “If we are needed every man is ready to go” said the Colonel, who is being besieged on every hand by members of the regiment as to any orders he might receive. As yet however, no word has been received at Ottawa, although it is expected every minute…

The Ford Motor company has made another profit-sharing proposition, one which will be on a par with its first one, which was announced some few months ago. The company estimates on putting 30,000 Ford cars on the market for sale after the 1st of August. To those who buy cars between August 1st, 1914 and August 1, 1915 whosoever they be, the Ford company will return from $40 to $60 provided that all the outfit is sold. Chas. Dutcher is local agent for the Ford Company.

Rain is badly needed for the crops.
Dust! Dust! Dust! but the motor cycle race is over.
It looks as if Burford is going to omit Civic Holiday from its list of days off.

The Army Worm has left us. Thank goodness, but we see that it is carrying on its destructive work in other counties. (Note: My grandfather Luther Barker used to say that the year the “Great War” broke out there was a bad case of “Army Ants” everywhere, and he said it was a sign of war. Now I’m wondering if he meant “Army Worms?”)

Sergt. Walter has volunteered for active service, and is anxiously awaiting orders to proceed to the front. We wish him good luck and a safe return.

Where do You Eat When in Brantford? Visit the Brantford Cafe and Quick Lunch, regular meals 25 cents…
A great war – destined to be the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen – has commenced. It is a war that has been feared and expected for many years, and into the struggle have been drawn Germany and Austria on the one hand, and Servia, Russia, France, Belgium and Great Britain on the other.
Britain was obliged to enter into the conflict when Germany insisted going through Belgium, to get an easy access to Paris, Britain being Belgium’s protector under treaty obligations. With Britain at war, Canada and all the other colonies will also be at war, and at a crucial time like this, our country is very loyal to the Mother Land, and all Canadians will stand by the Union Jack. Large contingencies of volunteers are in readiness for active service, awaiting orders…

Burford, Sept. 10th, 1914


‘To arms! They cry and, in a flash,
The summons flies from shore to shore,
On every side is heard the crash
Of arms, the distant cannon’s roar…

O God, lead Thou our hosts along,
Lest in the battle stress and throng,
Thy truth and justice be not strong
Within our hearts, but some hid wrong…

Endue us Lord of Hosts, with might,
That not in our own power or right,
And not in strength of armour dight,
But in Thy name, we go to fight.

(selected verses from) By Mary R. Dobson, 1914

Burford Years Ago

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