By: Emma Johnston When I was seventeen I couldn’t wait to leave Burford. The minute I graduated high school my bags were packed and I was waving good-bye to the village I grew up in. It wasn’t that there was anything particularly wrong with Burford, but to me, there was […]

Living Local Challenge

By: Emma Johnston I’m a super geek and I love to read. I mostly like interesting and exciting books – I love adventure stories and stories of courage and defying the odds, I love dystopian novels, and crime and romance and mystery. Basically, fiction that is full of surprises. A […]

Plot Twist!

The other day at the Elementary School during our regular chaotic morning drop off I had to scoot aside for a jumble of children climbing down from the school bus. The regular assortment of little people in their hats and snow pants clambered past me, except for one little boy. […]

Let the Children Hug!

By: Emma Johnston The other day each of my three children had a little friend over to play. For four hours, six little people had the run of my house. Everywhere I turned there were mountains of glitter glue, stuffed animals, nerf guns and mini hockey sticks. For four hours […]

Bologna and Oreo Cookies

By: Emma Johnston My mother has always played a significant role in my life. Despite the physical characteristics that we share, our personalities are in many ways very different. We like different hobbies and different music and different styles of clothing. The way we spend our free time and our […]

Cheers to the Great Women in Our Lives

By: Emma Johnston I love to sing. Now please don’t mistake this sentiment to mean that I am a good or even reasonably capable singer – just ask the poor woman who stands beside me in church and works tirelessly to sing just a little louder than I do as […]

A Joyful Noise

Recently, my son who is in grade 4 has begun to ask me questions about what it was like in the olden days… you know, when I was in grade 4. He wants to know about the shows I watched and games we played. Did I have to learn cursive […]

Remembering the “Olden Days”

By: Emma Johnston I’m not blaming the giant batch of chocolate chip cookies I made, but for some strange reason my two oldest had the hardest time falling asleep the other night. At first grumpy at their parents, then chatty as they found allies in one another, then, as the […]

The Healing Power of Sunscreen

By: Emma Johnston It doesn’t take a genius to identify the cons of living in a village. From the lack of 24 hour take out, to the ugly overhead wires that crisscross our streets, to the lightning speed of our gossip train, we are all aware that living in a […]

Not Perfect, but Ours!

By: Emma Johnston My family moved to Burford when I was 6 years old. I grew up on a 3 acre wooded lot, surrounded by tall trees and marshy soil. The wood sided, batten board house where I grew up was forever plagued with the knocking of woodpeckers. No matter […]

A True Farm Girl

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