Editorial – April 2 2020

I’ve set up a lovely little office in our basement. The office is cozy and well organized, though somewhat inconveniently located beside/in my kids’ TV room. This is the space where, in any normal situation I would send my noisy kiddos to the basement to play video games and scream at the TV and be the all round hyper little humans they normally are. Now, our family has to SHARE this space – the horror! After two weeks of working through the bugs, creating schedules and navigating what it looks like for my husband and I to work from home, I think we’ve finally found some systems that work (and plenty of systems that do not!).

On Saturday afternoon I sat downstairs, working on layout for the paper and answering emails when my husband and two sons came down to play video games. It was their turn for the space, but I was on a roll and I didn’t want to interrupt my momentum, so I decided to stay while they played their game.

The three of them waved at me, then settled down in front of the TV. With controllers in their hands the three boys in my home began the most competitive and noisy game of Major League Baseball I have ever witnessed. Loud screaming, chants, strange smack talk to the video game. The three of them yelled things I couldn’t decipher, they jumped out of their chairs, and fist pumped and stomped around randomly. They had completely forgotten I was there and I had completely forgotten about laying out the paper.

Instead I was enamored by the sheer joy and excitement and laughter coming from three of my favourite humans. We are stuck at home, all of us, my husband and I just as much as our kids, miss our friends. We all want to hang out with the people we like and laugh with and who make life better. I miss my mom, the kids miss their grandparents. We’re stressed, overwhelmed and navigating a whole new way of living, yet my people are finding every opportunity to be happy and to laugh. I know my kids are struggling a bit, we all are, but they are connecting with each other in ways I have never seen. They are playing with their parents! They are laughing and hugging and cheering and smack talking each other. They are thriving with the all the fun and family time we are having.

We are playing basketball together as a family. (something I am terrible at, but try really hard!)

We are eating our meals, every single meal, all together.

We are having movie nights and dance parties and sleep overs in the living room.

We are playing video games and cheering and making up songs and encouraging each other and talking through our struggles together and crying together and laughing together –

As I watched my kids and husband play MLB The Show and listened to their happy voices I realized that when this is all done and life returns to ‘normal’ there are some things I hope we can hold onto. The relationships we deepen and the closeness we develop, those are things that I hope continue to be the biggest priority of this family’s life. Because there is nothing nicer than hearing your family laugh, deep and from the heart, despite the total chaos the world is  currently facing.

Editorial – April 2 2020

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