Happy Canada D’eh

By : Emma Johnston

Since we are all currently residents of Canada, and this week is a week to celebrate our Country, The Burford Advance wanted to offer up some important and interesting information about the Country we all call home.
Canadian Food:
Traditional Canadian foods are generally thought of as: Maple syrup, potatoes, poutine, Canadian/back bacon, Timbits, and Niagara Ice wines. Others would also argue that BeaverTails, lobster, certain styles of beer and Raspberry Buckle are also very Canadian foods! (I’ve put Raspberry Buckle on my list of things to try!)
Canucks and Their Sports:
Hockey and lacrosse are Canada’s national sports.The baseball glove was invented in Canada in 1883.Canada has hosted the Olympic Games three times; 1976 in Montreal, 1988 in Calgary and 2010 in Vancouver.
The People:
Despite being a huge country, Canada has the fourth lowest population density in the world, with only three people living per square kilometre! Almost half of the population in Canada were born in other countries. (I love our big fields and tons of space!)
Famous Canadian celebrities include Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, James Cameron, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Mike Myers, Ryan Reynolds and William Shatner
Famous Canadian authors include Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Alice Munro (Lives of Girls and Women), Douglas Copeland, Alistair MacLeod, Farley Mowat and Michael Ondaantje.
The Land:
At 243,000 km along the shores of 52,455 islands, Canada boasts of the longest coastline in the world. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. At last count, there may be as many as two million, with 563 of them larger than 100 square kilometres. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, the second coldest capital in the world after Moscow. (I’ve been in the winter – it’s freezing!)
Montreal is the world’s second largest French speaking city after Paris France.
The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada Highway which is over 7,604 kilometres in length! (Canadians do drive – a lot!)
The Canadian Shield forms a U-shape extending from Lake Superior in the south to the Arctic islands in the north and from the western part of Canada eastward to Greenland. It is where some of the oldest rocks on earth can be found. Among them, a 4.28 billion-year-old rock that was discovered by geologists in 2001. It was found in an area of exposed bedrock on the eastern shore of the Hudson Bay in northern Quebec.
Calgary is famous for its Chinooks – a weather phenomenon that can raise the temperature by 10 degrees in a matter of minutes.
Finally, over 50% of the world’s polar bears live in Nunavut alone.
I’m sure we could all add a ton of interesting facts – we live in such a diverse Country, one worth being proud of!
Canada is now officially 153 years old – Happy Canada Day, Canada! And, may each and every one of our readers have a wonderful week celebrating all the things that make our Country great!

Happy Canada D’eh

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