Local Firefighters Leap to Action

By : Emma Johnston

Around 6:30 AM on Thursday morning, Diane Baggs of Burford received a phone call from a concerned friend. Not sure what her friend was referring to, Diane looked out her window and saw dark plumes of smoke billowing from a large warehouse just across the street. Worried for her neighbour, she ran across the road, banging on the front door until she woke the resident of the property where the burning building stood. “At that point, we didn’t how bad it was, but we could see the flames behind the house” explained Diane.
It wasn’t long until the County of Brant Fire Department, Station No. 3 (Burford), showed up on the scene and got to work. Seeing a significant structure fire, the Paris, Scotland and Airport stations were called and soon arrived to offer a hand. Mt. Pleasant Fire Station No. 5, was put on stand-by if another station was needed throughout the day.Paramedic services were also present.
“We didn’t even know there was a warehouse back here” said firefighter Adam Dobson, of the large building just off Brian Drive. “We didn’t know what was in it, or what to expect” said another firefighter from Station No. 8 (Scotland).
The multiple stations worked quickly together, blocking off the road, bringing a constant supply of water to the scene, and staying most of the day as the building got demolished by a large excavator and was hosed down to ensure everything was extinguished.
“It was such a long way back, we used so much hose and had a serious workout getting water all the way back here” explained firefighter Jim Pasick.
Fire Prevention Officer Tom Waldschmidt of Community and Protective Services explained that a “fire investigation had begun, but they had to be sure suppression operations were complete before they could determine the cause of the fire.”
Residents were respectful of the space needed for the firefighters to do their work, and by mid day the extra stations, (Paris, Airport and Scotland) began to dissipate as Burford worked on clean up.
Thanks to the fast thinking of considerate neighbours and the long hours and constant efforts of the local fire stations, no one was hurt and the fire remained contained to the single building.

Local Firefighters Leap to Action

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