By: Emma Johnston It doesn’t take a genius to identify the cons of living in a village. From the lack of 24 hour take out, to the ugly overhead wires that crisscross our streets, to the lightning speed of our gossip train, we are all aware that living in a […]

Not Perfect, but Ours!

By: Emma Johnston My family moved to Burford when I was 6 years old. I grew up on a 3 acre wooded lot, surrounded by tall trees and marshy soil. The wood sided, batten board house where I grew up was forever plagued with the knocking of woodpeckers. No matter […]

A True Farm Girl

By: Emma Johnston The other morning as the clock crept closer to 6:00am I sat at my kitchen table grumpily nursing my first morning coffee. The table beside me was scattered with remnants from last night’s dinner and the floors were still sticky from a spilled Root-beer two days before. […]

I’m Gonna Miss This

By: Emma Johnston “Why do we work?” my dad asked me this the other day as I sat drinking a tea in his dining room and jabbering on about my busy schedule and my never ending to do list. An array of answers came to mind. I work so I […]

Play like a Pirate

There’s a popular television show where one of the main characters accepts challenges that weren’t necessarily proposed. He hears the glimmer of doubt or a shred of competition in the voice of any other character and he readily “Accepts the Challenge.” This is just a funny piece of comedic acting, […]

Challenge Accepted

Since 2004, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School has been running their Gingerbread House Program. This event was initiated thirteen years ago, by now retired teacher Diana Sysiuk. She brought the idea from her previous school and was impressed with how well the students and staff of Blessed Sacrament responded. The […]

Building Edible House

By: Emma Johnston The other day my daughter sat me down for a little chat. She was quite disappointed with my role as home decorator as I had neglected to get the outdoor Christmas lights up in a timely manner. She frowned, she may have stomped her foot, her general […]

Better Call Grandpa

We all know about Mrs. Claus. That faithful partner of Santa. The one, somewhat pushed to the side in stories and songs, who for many, has very little role than the handy side kick of the famous toy giver. I knew Mrs. Claus, and, as a child she was more […]

Not the What but the Who

By: Emma Johnston This past summer I had the brilliant idea that I should coach soccer. I’ve coached t-ball and taught swimming, but soccer was a new adventure. When I heard they were looking for coaches, something pricked my conscience and without a second thought, I signed my name on […]

Dandelion Days

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