Preschool Update

News from the Before & After School Program at BDES

The educators at the Burford District Elementary School Before and After School Program are very excited to be reunited with the children once again. Educators are providing a safe and fun environment for everyone under the new public health guidelines and the children are adapting to the new changes incredibly well. They are so happy to be back with their friends and the routine of going to school each day.
Outdoors, the children have been soaking up the beautiful Fall weather. They enjoy watching and participating in games of soccer, sandball, basketball and floor hockey. The children are always eager to share their experiences with one another and with the educators. Educators enjoy celebrating their accomplishments with them. The children have shared many stories of camping trips, they enjoyed with their families over the summer, discussed how excited they are to go to hockey practices again, and talk about upcoming activities with family and friends.
Indoors, the children are loving creating masterful pieces of art. They enjoy using a variety of art mediums. Painting continues to be a popular activity that all the children enjoy. It seems to be a nice quiet way to relax at the end of the day. Lego scenes are also popular and take over much of the available table space.
As challenging as 2020 has been, it is so refreshing to see the children so happy and to take time to listen to their chatter and laughter. As a group, we’ve got this! We can handle anything!

Preschool Update

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