Spring’s Advocate

By: Emma Johnston

On Saturday morning I woke up around 7:00am to the incessant sound of spring time birds. For whatever reason, the nattery chit chat of at least 5 different birds could be distinguished through my bedroom window. I sat there in bed, staring out the window at the wet buds on the trees and watching sparrows and doves and robins all hop and chatter and fly around my back yard. For me, a back yard bird alarm clock is one of the most perfect ways to wake up.

I love the spring. I love watching the grass spring back to the life and the leaves come out on the trees. I love digging in the dirt planting my vegetables and reviving my herb garden. I love being outside, breathing fresh air, feeling the sun, being okay with the rain – because at least it’s not snow!

I love how much happier people seem. How much more willing to talk and laugh and make jokes we all are. I love the way kids light up, turn off their screens, pull out their bikes. I love seeing sidewalks covered in chalk pictures, and road hockey games and people out on the diamonds at the park.

“I’m pretty sure you’re spring’s biggest advocate” my husband said to me the other day as I talked encouragingly to my little onion sprouts lining my dining room windows.

But it’s not just the happy smiles and longer days and evening campfires that I love about spring – it’s also the transformation that happens right before our eyes. I love watching change. I love watching things go from their darkest, deadest, dirtiest and coldest, to becoming well springs of life and colour and vibrancy.

I love watching the dormant worms reawaken and wiggle from the earth. I love watching the thick coats of horses and pets shed away and reveal sleek, clean coats below. I love watching families I have barely seen all winter out in their gardens, or cleaning out their garage or just getting their hands dirty. I love our little robins nest outside our window where each spring we watch the empty nest be filled with pale blue eggs, that hatch and grow into birds, who by the end of the spring have flown away to live their new lives. My husband is right, I love spring.

I think that in so many ways spring, with its newness, and freshness and revival of life is so symbolic of what each of us need from time to time. A chance to be renewed. Refreshed. A chance to shed off our old selves, those tired or cranky coats of winter and let a fresh start shine through. We all, at some time or another, have seasons of darkness. Times when things are hard, when we aren’t our best selves, when we cloak ourselves with our winter forms. Times when we have cut ourselves off from others, or have become cold or dark or feel dead inside. Every person, if they are honest have experienced these winters in life, but nature has

taught us that spring arrives faithfully every year. That no matter how hard or long or cold our winters are, the sun always comes out, the buds always return, those noisy birds always sing in the morning. If nature, after those long hard winters can bounce back even more beautiful than before, then we can too! We burst forth with joy, with new found vigor, with a vibrancy we forgot we had.

This spring, may you sit out on your deck and smell the freshly cut grass, may you bask in the long forgotten sunshine, may you pick a dandelion (from my yard preferably) or toast marshmallows around a campfire or drink a lemonade while you laugh with friends at the end of your driveway. Whatever you do, may you enjoy this spring. May it bring back a smile, may it instill joy in your soul, may it reveal the opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning.

May we all be Spring’s biggest advocates!

Spring’s Advocate

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