The Effect of COVID-19 on Graduating Classes (Student Submission)

The Effect of COVID-19 on Graduating Classes

By: Olivia Zelazny (Student writer)
Let’s all go back eight months, to December 31st… families staying awake long enough to bring in the New Year, ready to throw confetti and preparing to welcome in 2020. Now, most of us can’t wait to see 2020 pass. The graduating classes of 2020, whether elementary, high school, or even university and college, everyone got cheated out of their opportunity to be leaders in their schools. The year began with labour disputes between the government and teachers, resulting in eventual strikes, this meant no sport teams, extracurricular activities, or intermurals. There goes the fun! Furthermore, student leaders within schools were prevented from hosting events, theme-days or fundraisers. My friends and I planned events during the summer before Grade 8, we were so excited to finally be able to have an impact on our school. Well, the strikes crushed that excitement pretty fast. Just as the dark clouds were letting up for students, and the end of strikes were in sight … COVID-19 hit! This tiny, invisible virus has such power over us, it shut down the whole world, including schools! Who remembers the announcement; “after March Break, schools will shut down for two weeks…”. We all thought, “we’ll stay home for two weeks, and finally be able to return, and do our parts as Grade 8’s in the school.” The only thing we ended up returning for were our shoes at the end of June! For High School seniors, I’m sorry you missed your Grad and Prom. Elementary Grads, I know your pain, and College and University seniors, I cannot even begin to imagine your disappointment. This year has been one, many of us will never forget and I cannot wait to greet 2021 with open arms! All in all, this year seems like it ended before it even began. Now as I enter Grade 9, I face many restrictions in the classroom, no class trips, masks, and no sports. My hope remains, that as time passes and the number of Covid cases decrease, we will be able to resume our lives with what once was “our norm.”
Your truly,
Grade 8 Grad student,
Olivia Zelazny

The Effect of COVID-19 on Graduating Classes (Student Submission)

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