To Our Readers:

By : Emma Johnston

Dear Burford Advance Readers:
The winds of change have come to us again and we have some news we want to share.
As you know, 2020 has been quite a year. With forced closures, new and ever changing laws and so many businesses (both small and large) impacted by the pandemic and its fall out, we at The Burford Advance count ourselves incredibly blessed to have been able to continue to serve our wonderful community. We have watched as many of our local businesses struggle to compete with big box stores, online shopping and reduced spending habits. We ache for our Agricultural Society, for our local Legion and for all of our community groups that rely on large scale events to survive. Our tiny community of just shy of 1700 people has been fighting hard, getting creative and doing our best to serve each other, lift one another up and hold on through this difficult time.
Here at The Burford Advance, we too have felt the impact of this COVID season. Our costs for printing, mail delivery and paper have gone up substantially over the past year. Our advertisers are reprioritizing their spending to make ends meet in their own businesses and people are cautious with how and what they spend their money on – 2020 has been quite a year.
With two conflicting realities, the first that we have a family to feed, a home to keep and bills to pay and the second that we LOVE Burford and the surrounding community, we LOVE sharing the news, keeping people informed, upholding our businesses, service groups, churches and people – we have had to do some serious evaluating.
After months of planning, thinking, dreaming, praying, re-organizing, meeting with trusted advisors and quite a few difficult conversations we know that we can no longer continue as a weekly printed newspaper.
However, all is not lost, as I said, we LOVE Burford, we love our people, businesses, schools, and all the little parts of our tiny town. We aren’t leaving and we REFUSE to stop serving in the place that we cherish and call home.
We will continue to offer our community weekly news, upcoming events and printed writing, but how we do this is going to look a little different in January.
Here’s what you can expect;

  1. Advance at a Glance: Starting early in the new year, you (along with everyone else in our community) will receive a printed upcoming events Calendar. This Calendar will tell you everything that’s happening with our social and community groups, churches, school events, Optimists, Lions Club, grand openings of our new businesses, special activities and more. It will also feature someone from our community or showcase something unique and special going on locally. We will be making these available at the beginning of each month. Put them on your fridges, tack them to your bulletin boards, enter them into your phones – whatever you do, be sure to check out everything that’s happening locally. Our current goal is to launch the Advance at a Glance in February/March. (COVID dependent)

This service will come to you, absolutely free – no stressing about bills or extra spending. We understand how tight things are, this is just us loving our community!

2.The Burford Advance – On-line: As many of you know we have a weekly updated website with local news, updates, photos, sports details etc. this will continue, free to everyone and anyone. Yes, you heard it – weekly news free! Go to the website anytime you want, see what’s happening, we’ll be out there covering everything we can, just like we always do. But again, this won’t cost you a dime! Be sure to go to

  1. Paper Edition: The Burford Advance will transition to become a quarterly magazine – These magazines will be full length, full colour with large photos and professional styling. They will be big, bold and beautiful! Every spring, summer, autumn and winter we will be publishing a locally themed limited edition magazine that highlights our own rural community. We will fill it with village news and special features, with local writers and guest contributors. These magazine will be an enhanced read, filled to the brim with agricultural updates, featured highlights, youth entrepreneurs and so much more. We will spot-light all those people, groups and businesses that are working hard to make our community great.
    These magazines will be an integral way to show support of our small but mighty town. They will serve as keepsakes, as mementos of our lives here and now and as reminders of this community’s resilience, strength and love.

For those who have paid for 2021 subscriptions, these editions will be delivered to your door as part of your previous subscription. For those whose subscriptions expire in 2020, these quarterly magazines will be available for an annual subscription of $40. Limited subscriptions available. Call 226-659-0061 or email to get signed up for this brand new community building opportunity!
We are excited to continue to serve the Burford area by offering weekly news, upcoming events and quarterly community magazines. We know it won’t be the same, but we also know we serve a community of loving, generous and resilient people.
This will be a new journey for our community, but I am beyond excited to see how we can continue to serve our people during this pandemic.
As Glennon Doyle says “we can do hard things” and I know that all of us will take the challenge head on and know we can do it, if we do it together.
Thank you to all our subscribers, advertisers, writers and supporters – we can’t wait to see where the next step of our journey takes us.

To Our Readers:

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