Watermark Boards: Woodworking with Heart

By : Emma Johnston

Local woodworker, contractor and home inspector Mark Aniol has turned his love of woodworking into stunning works of art. His beautiful charcuterie boards and custom pieces started as a passion project but became so popular that his ‘hobby’ quickly grew into something much more substantial. Watermark Boards is now a fully operational artisan woodworking business with an impressive repertoire of unique pieces.
Years ago Mark began his woodworking adventure by making skateboards and balance boards, but he now creates a whole range of custom wood pieces from specialty tables, to cutting boards, signs and much more. He was first inspired to try his hand at woodworking through a mentorship program as a young teen, he then took that passion and the skills he developed and has turned it into both a business and hobby.
Located just outside the village of Burford, Mark has converted the barn on his property into his own workspace and shop. He spends his time creating pieces that are justifiably referred to as art. “I keep hearing people call my work art and it makes me feel so good that something I created is in their home.”
A year ago Mark upgraded his tools and CNC machine so that he can now offer laser engraving and can personalize almost anything. He does projects for individuals, groups and companies. He also works with epoxy blending and can create unique and beautiful works of art for his clients. Every piece he does is custom and can vary in price depending on the species of wood he uses, the size of the project, engraving required and epoxy work.
A local brewery that is set to launch in the near future has commissioned Mark to create eight tables for their space. This project allows Mark to take his skills to the next level and showcase his work in a prestigious and high traffic location.
To see more of Mark’s creations or to explore custom options for yourself check out www.watermarkboards.com (ready to view any day now!) or email watermarkboards@gmail.com.

Watermark Boards: Woodworking with Heart

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